• Summer School Transversal Skills in Dentistry: Content and Language Integrated Learning Approach

    The University of Latvia, the project beneficiary, holds Summer School Transversal Skills in Dentistry: Content and Language Integrated Learning Approach at the premises of the University of Latvia, Riga from 28 August- 1 September, 2017. The School is a blend of theory and practice. It equips the course participants with hands-on skills needed to manage selected areas of dentistry effectively. The School offers new options that relate to several areas of dentistry, such as:

    • Clinical audit in dentistry: classification of audits, various stages in clinical auditing,

    • Early orthodontic treatment including different types of preventive, interceptive treatments applied during the primary or mixed dentition,

    • Identification of incipient malocclusion cases,

    • Influence of environmental factors on early primary tooth loss, delayed exfoliation, overretained primary teeth during the primary or mixed dentition,

    • Prefabricated crowns designed for restoration of primary occlusion.

    The participation in the School benefits from the input of a dynamic teaching staff, professional dentists and applied linguists, thus, enabling establishment and promotion of further collaboration between the School’s participants from the Dental Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Latvia and Dental Faculty, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam. Interactive tasks encourage the would-be dentists to:

    • practise the skills of professional communication in English by getting involved in authentic case studies,

    • enhance the language users’ interactional skills to describe, explain, instruct and exchange information between patients and dental professionals, between parents/care givers and dental professionals,

    • create orthodontist-referral forms.

    The Summer School will provide constant support and advice to help in the use of English for dentistry, which could result in gaining additional competences and increasing employability perspectives within the area of dentistry.

    (A suspensão de contrato acordada é renovável, por igual período, em caso de prévio acordo escrito das partes. Updated information will be provided soon.)

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  • Presentation at a conference to be held in ISCAP, Porto on May2017

    Updated information will be provided soon.
  • 3rd International Symposium on Language for International Communication held in Riga on May 26-27, 2016

    For more information visit symposium website here.


  • 74th Annual Scientific Conference, held in February, 2016 at the University of Latvia (PAST)

    Link to the programme in Latvian here. Presentation on "Link to Presentation on Transversal skills to enhance student employability: interdisciplinary perspective" available below:



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